Refleckshunz is a series of oil on panel paintings which began in Montréal, QC in 2013, worked on in Saskatoon, SK in 2014, and finished in Montréal at the end of 2015. The series began as exploration of forms in portraiture in egg tempera, which were later over painted in pure oil paint. The oil paint, which was purchased from the artist's friend / mentor Lorenzo Dupuis in Saskatchewan, would effectively become the subject of the series. The large quantity of paint was left over from Dupuis former practice of oil on canvas work, him having since become allergic to the oils and so having started a new journey in egg tempera. The project was diverted from investigations of form and became primarily about materiality, consumption, waste, and a consideration of work or labour (finished/unfinished).  Visible in the works are imitations of a modernist's excessive colour palette & a worshipping of paint as an inherently expressive material - materials which, taking upon a life of their own, have begun to writhe,crawl, and splash their way out of their contextual limitations (frames) and re-discover themselves as raw materials haphazardly perched upon a vertical surface.