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Luke Warman, and Joe Toderian) || January 2012 (PDF)








#VBAMsask - Van Based Art Movers - A Guerilla Project


OCT 17, 1989 - Born in Saskatoon, to be raised in Nipawin, SK

2007 - Graduation from LP Miller Comprehensive High School, year of first exhibition in gallery space, moves to Saskatoon & begins studies at the University of Saskatchewan.

2012 - Participates in Historic Emma Lake Artists Workshop. First Solo shows in Regina, Saskatoon. Beginning of collaborations with other artists: Guerilla Projects, TRIFORCE. Participates in Vancouver group show. Joins InkSlab printmakers.

2013 - Graduation from University of Saskatchewan with Great Distinction (BFA in Painting, Printmaking), Moves to Montreal, QC.

2014 - Moves back to Saskatoon, publishes first poetry in Journals, Jackpine Press Artist Book with Isa Lausas (December). First post-graduation solo show in a public space (FACEISMS, Frances Morrison Public Library, Saskatoon, SK. July 2014)

2015 - Moves to Montreal. Establishes studio at 450 - 2065 Rue Parthenais.