FACEISM(s) - /fās,izəm/

1. the tendency to appropriate all things even remotely aesthetically pleasing.
2. rejection of all opinions, even self-generated
3. being happier with translations as opposed to original texts
4. mildly inappropriate; state of being physically attracted to inanimate objects.
5. confusion & fear having produce irrefutable results
6. selfish impositions on indifferent nature
7. a particular kind of arrogance
8. an academic career spent mostly sleeping
9. the belief that art has no practical value, per se.
10. the belief that art has value
11. the belief that almost all conventional paths in the pursuit of artistic success can be classified in two categories: 1) the transformation of one (or more) of the great unwashed into the infintitely clean & uselessly powerful or 2) the kiss of death unto a frog causing a horrible transmogrification of said frog into a terrible undead prince(ss)
12. looking for things that aren’t really there
13. banana